Construction Complete!

by on Sep. 27, 2012

Three years, almost to the day, and the telescope is finally complete!

A 60Hz Christmas

by on Jan. 01, 2011

I spent part of the holiday this past Christmas in a machine shop building the rotor and housing for the telescope. The above diagram shows what I’m building. It is red and green completely by coincidence. The rotor is a very thin, 14″ diameter aluminum wheel with a small window to let light through. Essentially [...]

Looking back, and forward.

by on Nov. 22, 2010

I have been stunned by how beautiful these flickering cityscapes are. When I started this project, I imagined that the lights would turn off all at once to reveal darkened, apocalyptic streets. Instead I have seen lights dancing in mesmerizing rhythms, as pedestrians walk by unaware. In recent months, I have assembled a new short [...]

What it is (so far)

by on Mar. 08, 2010

60Hz Telescope is both a device and a work of art. It reveals a beautiful and hidden dimension of the modern world. Everywhere, all over the globe, lights are flickering. Streetlights are flashing, buildings are going dark. All of this happens faster than we can see, 120 times every second. 60Hz Telescope allows us to [...]

Watch more.

by on Mar. 02, 2010

See Europe, Grand Central and Ground Zero flickering!

Films of the flickering from a trip to Europe last winter, and some amazing shots of the New York City skyline, Ground Zero and other NYC sites are now screening on YouTube and Vimeo!
If you like them, please let us know by leaving comments!

Watch more!

by on Feb. 25, 2010

New films are now playing on YouTube and Vimeo. One shows flickering shot in Europe this winter. Maybe because Europe’s flickering is a little slower (it’s only 50Hz over there), or maybe because of the beautiful scenery these are some of the most striking examples of flickering I’ve been able to capture. Make sure you [...]

See our first film!

by on Feb. 09, 2010

Watch New York City flickering.

This is 60Hz Telescope’s first film! Taken with a high speed photographic camera, this film shows for the first time subway stations, streets and Times Square flickering! You can see us on YouTube and Vimeo. Enjoy!

See the film.

by on Feb. 07, 2010

See our new short film on YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr!

Thank you DCA!

by on Jan. 11, 2010

I received two letters in the mail yesterday from the Brooklyn Arts Council!


by on Jan. 04, 2010

Well, here it is. The plan for building the circuits that will run the telescope!

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